Windows Update

Are you trying to update your current windows version?

There could be errors you may face when updating windows.

Windows updates failed possible causes and how to solve them.

Before you try any update, make sure you have a back up of your hard drive.

Update the windows version that is on your device, if it is windows 10 you must

update windows 10.

If it fails, restart your computer and try again.

If it fails, there are always a windows update troubleshooter,


“Run the troubleshooter. When it’s done, it’s best practice to restart your device. Then check for new updates. Go to Start  > Settings  > Update & Security  > Windows Update . Select Check for updates and install any available updates. ”

Using windows update troubleshooter tool is the best and safest wway to solve your windows update problems.

Do not install any other softwares that promise to help you with any windows errors!

Hope you get your windows update installed properly!

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