‘Settings’ that need Setting Sub headline: Stay Organized, Updated and Safe A properly functional phone has a secret. An organized and personalized account on the social media has a secret too. The deeper one goes into the functioning of a phone or an account, one can find the loose threads that can be knit to keep the device or account working just fine. The cases of your phone crashing or your account being hacked are likely to happen if you don’t know these little secrets. With the internet being so sophisticated and the phones coming up with new features every day, one has to learn the basic settings to stay updated. Your phone is a funny little device but it is never so funny if someone breaks into your phone or if you can’t figure out why your battery is draining out too fast. Half of the problems in your phone begin with you not configuring your device. The ‘Settings’ icon, therefore should not remain the neglected space you never visit. Phone settings are easy to make once you figure out what configuration your phone requires. For instance, your wallpaper might need a change, or you may have to switch between two mobile networks, or you might just want to set a phone lock. The settings will vary depending on your operating device. But they remain pretty much similar. Not sure, where to start from? Well, your phone’s manual will surely help. Settings on a browser are entirely different from phone settings. Since, you would be dealing with the Internet, an improved idea of Settings is necessary to stay safe on the web. Google has settings that are directly linked to tour Gmail account. Changes made to the browser will reflect in your Gmail and vice versa. You can back up almost all your web activities on Google, set your passwords, change appearance, set your search engine and take care of your Privacy and Security. Google settings are easy to understand and apply if you are a regular user of the browser. Settings on social media are a different affair altogether. The need for privacy increases as you connect to the world over internet. Your data, comprising mostly of personal information needs protection. For instance, Facebook gives you options to choose who can see, use and share the information you share on this social media platform. You also get to choose who you want to interact with. Facebook settings will allow you to promote your business if you’re into one, and will charge you for the same. The Settings are present on your profile after you log in to your account. You can customize, personalize and organize your data using this tool called ‘Settings’. Now that you’ve a brief idea about stuff works with devices and internet, you may like to fiddle with your phones or just take some time off from posting pictures on Facebook and look at the Settings section just to be on the safe side.

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