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Cloud hosting – What is it?

Let me first explain,what is a drive?

drive is a location that is designed to store and read information , like a disk on the computerc. All drives can store files and programs,which are used by your system. when you edit in excel your tables there, the program is working from you hard drive and when you save the excel, it will be stored to the hard drive, disk or external mobile or stationary hard drive.

In the case of cloud hosting, your drive will be located on the internet at a cloud host service. For example on of the most famous cloud services

is Google drive. It is a file storage and sync service developed by Google Started in 2012, Google Drive let users store files on their servers, synch files across devices, and share files. It is a kind of cloud hosting.

One other big company that offers cloud hosting is dropbox:

They describe their key features service as following:

Store and access files from anywhere

Create and edit your work—including cloud content and Microsoft Office files.

The most important when looking at different cloud and file hosting services is to look their reviews if they are legit,preferably been in business for a long time and offer features you really need. You also need to check

what are their prices for the service,then you should be pretty safe for what you need.
If possible, sign up to test their service. Do not buy a 1 year subscription right away, test it one month first to see if it is worth it and if it fills your business needs.

That was all about drive and cloud hosting,let me know if you miss any info.

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