Online Games

Online games is most often played through the internet or any other computer network available. Online games are everywhere on modern platforms, on mobile devices, consoles and PC. It attracts players from all over the world of all ages and gender.

Before many assumed male players dominated the online gaming world which was accurate for some time but today the statistic are different, almost 50 % of the players are female. Online games can range from simple to complex graphical virtual worlds with online communities as well as more of a real life online community, with different genres such as first person shooter games, strategy games and MMORPG.

First person shooter (FPS) features a three-dimensional world with a first point of view of the main character. One of the first FPS is the computer game called, Maze War, that came out 1973. Today shooter games are very popular and are considered to be almost 30 % of all video game sales. Strategy Games, emphasises on strategic and tactical challenges and warfare is one of the most common sort of conflict in strategy games. Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), is where players interact in a virtual world. It has very common features such as level progression, quest, challenges, social interaction and character customisation. It’s usually based on fantasy themes and elements of fiction, sorcery and swords.

Online games has gotten some critic as well as praise. The critic being, many people think it will promote violence, cyber-bullying and there’s concerns about game addiction. As technology has evolved and online/video gaming is fairly new critic is only natural. As many got used to the violence in online games the criticism has decreased. Although the criticism in violence decreased, cyber-bullying and trolls have not. Through a study by an anti-bullying charity, they found that a little more than 50% of players online had experienced bullying in some form, which sounds very worrying. Overall the criticism online gaming has received has decreased through the years. Even though there are cons there is also pro with gaming. It can make you more patient, improve forward thinking and strategic planning.

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