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In today’s society, we are more than ever obsessed with our phones and with that comes social media that for the most part requires to take and share pictures.

For many, it is a hobby to take photographs and for others, it’s a way to make money. Sometimes a picture doesn’t always come out perfect or it needs some adjustments and that’s where the photo editing tools come in. Photo editor apps are both free and purchase but most of the time free with in-app purchase. Here are a few handy photo editor apps and photo editor sites.

Snapseed: Is a free app developed by Google and is a high rated app on App Store. It opens JPEG and RAW files and it also has different tools and filters. Filters that will give a vintage, retro, black and white, grainy filters as well as tools for contrast, vignette, frames, blur, rotate and crop and a few other tools to edit photos, plus it is very easy to use. Overall a well-loved app among many.

Adobe Lightroom CC: A free photo editing app with in-app purchase for healing, geometry and selective. An app for both simple and more advanced editing. crop, rotate and flip the image, change the exposure and contrast as well as colors. There are also different effects like vignette, split tone and clarity.

Pixlr: is also a nice app for easy photo editing with many filters and frames too choose from. Thousands of different effects and overlays. There are tools to remove red-eyes or blemishes. By simply saving the favourite effect and overlays you can later in another photo add to it. It’s also possible to create photo collages and there’s the option to overlay a photo with a text by choosing different fonts. It is simple to directly share the picture with any social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

TouchRetouch: This app is available through purchase and has a very high rating on App Store. It is an app for anyone that wants to remove unwanted objects in photos such as a trashcan, wires, blemishes, people and other unwanted objects. The app has short tutorials for simple guidelines on how to use the app, with tips and advice. Therefore it should be very easy to use.

I hope any of these picture editor apps is good for you!

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