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Email stands for Electronic Mail and is considered a core source of business communication nowadays

Email service is provided on the Internet by Email account service providing companies. Most of the Email account service providers allow people to make new accounts for free of cost with ease of just a few clicks. Each email service providing firm entertain users with different features. Most important feature in email account service is the use of spam filter. Some companies providing free Email Account services are described below:
Gmail is an email service that is provided by the Google. Google is known as one of the most authentic and well reputed Information Technology companies on this planet earth. Gmail provides free email account services that are robust and lightning fast. Gmail integrate many features into its email services such as sending multimedia files using Gmail. Gmail Spam filter is considered one of the most robust spam filters online. Gmail not only offers its email services; it also offers Google hangouts which is instant messaging service. A single Gmail account worth more than anyone can think of because it can be used to log onto almost every service provided by the google such as Google Play and YouTube. Google Drive service is available to all Gmail users and allows the user to store up to 10Gb data on the Google’s cloud services.
Outlook Mail:
Outlook Mail is Microsoft’s official mail service and used by many Windows users due to ease of access. Microsoft offers its cloud services (Microsoft One Drive) for its Outlook users. Outlook application has become part of Windows operating system from Windows 8. Microsoft’s Outlook mail also allows a user to log into the skype and have great experience of live video calling.
Yahoo Mail:
Though Yahoo has been at odds for past few years, still it is one of the oldest email service provider on the Internet. Yahoo Mail service is also free of cost and has been improved. Its spam filtering features are also amazing. Yahoo Messenger is the official instant messaging platform that is integrated into web application of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo mail has introduced 2 step verification security mode that makes it secure enough. Yahoo Mail’s latest features allow a Yahoo mail user to import contacts from Google’s Gmail as well. The interface of Yahoo mail is pretty attractive and amazing.

iCloud is a mail service provided by the Apple. iCloud mail can be accessed and used by every iPhone, iPad and iMac user easily. It is quite simple mail service and saves the users from distractions and headache of advertisement. As far as security is concerned, Apple has always been on the top, therefore, iCloud does not allow users to access other email accounts as well.

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