Zip File

Know how to keep your files safe Keeping your data safe and compressed to save space is just a few clicks away. All you‟ve to do is follow a few steps on your computer, hit a few keys and there will be all your files neatly arranged. Yes, ZIP files help you save space and encrypt your sensitive data. To create a ZIP file on your computer, follow the steps mentioned below. For Windows users: 1. Create a new folder. 2. The easiest way to avoid chaos is to stay organized. Send all your files to be zipped (compressed) into the new folder. 3. Rename the folder that you want to ZIP. 4. Right click on the folder. Select the „Send to‟ option. This will open a new sub-menu. Select “Compressed (zipped)” folder. 5. The newly created zip file will replace the existing folder after it has been created. For Mac OS X Users: 1. Create a new folder. Place all the files and folders you want to create a zip file from in it. 2. Rename the folder that you want to ZIP. 3. Right click on the folder and select “Compress” option. The folder will be compressed and be replaced by the ZIP file. Extracting files from ZIP files will decompress the files. This allows you to open them and run them properly. The built-in software in both Windows and Mac OS allows you to unzip ZIP files. For Windows users: 1. Double click on the ZIP folder to open it. 2. Click on the extract tab at the top of the window. Doing so opens the Extract toolbar near the top of the window. 3. Click Extract All. A new window will open. Select a different extraction location if required. 4. Click on the Extract button at the bottom. For Mac OS users: 1. Go to the location where the ZIP file you want to extract is stored. 2. Double click on the ZIP folder to start extracting immediately. 3. The unzipped folder will open to show the extracted contents after the extraction is completed.

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