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The Arcade game that delights players
Designed by Toru Iwatani of Namco, and released in Japan, as PUCKMAN in May 1980, PAC-MAN became the most liked and played game in the later times. When top arcade games like Galaxian and Asteroids were a hit, PAC-MAN walked in. It was licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway Games and released in October, 1980. With PACMAN begun the chase maze genre and it is considered one of the classics in the video game history. It became an icon of the 1980s popular culture too. The game became a social phenomenon after finding its place in the media and some of the great PAC-MAN series were produced consequently. The Pac-Man animated television series in 1982 and PacMan Fever in 1981 became globally famous soon after the media stepped in.
What is it that makes the game so popular?
The Davie-Brown Index states that the Pac-Man character has the highest brand value when compared to other video game characters known to American consumers. It states that Pac-Man has about 94% recognition. Also the Pac-Man franchise is one of the longest-running video game franchises from the golden age of arcade games, making it a popular game.
How do you play Pac-Man?
The player has to navigate Pac-Man through an endless maze containing dots, known as the Pac-Dots and four multi-colored ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. There is also a passageway from the left side of the screen to the right side, four Power Pellets spread out between quadrants, and fruits that appear in each level. The goal of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible by collecting dots, fruits, and eating blue ghosts along with saving Pac-Man from the ghosts that chase Pac-Man. If the player scores 10,000 points, he gets one bonus life for Pac-Man. When the all lives are lost, the game is over.
The game has its set of rules according to which the fate of Pac-Man is decided. He lives and the player moves on to the next level if Pac-Man eats up all the ghosts and dots that come in its way. The ghosts when eaten turn deep blue in color and return to the center ghost box where they are regenerated. The ghosts have distinct characteristics to prevent the game from becoming too boring to play. Blinky is the shadow, Pinky is the Speedy, Inky the bashful, and Clyde the Pokey.
The PAC-Man was designed to have no end but at level 256, a bug corrupts the game and it becomes impossible to eat enough dots to complete the level, thus making level 256, the ultimate level.
How well has the game fared over the years?
Guinness World Records awarded the game’s creator, for PacMan having had the most “coin-operated arcade machines” installed worldwide. PacMan has gained popularity over the years and many sequels and series have been produced to keep the game running. The Pac-Man TV series produced by HannaBarbera aired on ABC from 1982 to 1983. The game also gained popularity in Music and Film sector. Today people can also play Pac-Man on Facebook Messenger. The users play the game against their friends while talking over Facebook.
What started as a simple arcade game is now all over the internet too, giving millions of users access to this wonderful game. What are you waiting for? Check out the internet for platforms where you can play online PacMan game for free.

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