Project Fi

An innovation for new times
Google Fi- Internet at your finger tips
When Internet becomes accessible, the world gets closer. And when Internet is available just for a few bucks, the access becomes easier. Project Fi, a service launched for the Nexus 6 smartphone, served to make this accessibility and availability of Internet smoother. Project Fi or Google Fi as rebranded by Google on November, 2018, was first launched on April 22, 2015.
What is Google Fi?
It is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator telecommunications service that provides telephone calls, SMS and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Networks operated by Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Three. The signal strength and speed of networks determine the connectivity of the Google Fi. It has its own automatic VPN which gets activated when it connects to open Wi-Fi hotspots, thus securing the data by encryption. The features of the Google Fi make it all the more interesting. What is intriguing about Google Fi? Google Hangouts becomes a great place to be because Google Fi users can use Hangouts on almost every device. If you owe a 4G smartphone, Google Fi supports VoLTE. And if that’s not enough there are amazing data plans that can save you a lot many bucks. The plans are flat-free based and one has to pay in the beginning of the monthly billing session. A user also gets unlimited calls and messaging with just $20 per month. Well, that’s only the beginning. There are also Group Plans, which allow users referred to as “managers” to add “members”, to their subscription with an additional $15 per user. These “managers” can monitor the data usage of the members.
High speed data, unlimited calls and messages and compatibility with a number of devices makes Google Fi a feasible investment. Google Fi phones are designed to make your experience unique because Fi’s technology provides the best signal by intelligently shifting between networks. Google Fi is both compatible on Android phones and iPhones. Interesting enough?
You have the phone, you’ve the Fi, and you’ve unlimited plans. What are you waiting for?

Current Google fi plans are as stated on their website “starting at $20/mo. for unlimited calls and texts and $10/GB for data.” Time to try a new cell phone plan?

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