Best Cell Phone Plans

A cell phone plan is a paid agreement to a mobile carriers, which allows you to use their network for mobile data, phone calls and text messages. The biggest mobile carriers in the US is Sprint, t-mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

Buying a new phone and choosing the best cell phone plan can be overwhelming. Many services offer plans for different prices depending on the amount of texting, talking and mobile data per month. To determine a plan that will fit you, consider asking neighbors and friends what services they use and how reliable they are. How much data do you expect to use monthly? most people use around 5GB each month. Consider talk time and the amount of texts you usually send if you’re considering a plan with limited texts and talk time. Also consider who the phone plane is for.

The most common cell phone plans are:

  • Unlimited data plan is popular and most carriers offer some kind of unlimited data option. Most cell phone plans come with unlimited talking and texting. If you don’t use those services that much choosing a limited set of minutes talking and number of texts can save money.
  • Family mobile plans are usually set up in two ways, per-line fixed data or shared data.
  • Senior cell phone plan is offered for ages 55 or 65 years up. Senior plans are generally discount offers on plans and usually no special services.

The best cell phone plans for a family plan and unlimited data plan for heavy users is T-mobile. T-mobile One plan has unlimited data and great features such as a Netflix subscription, international calls, great deals and discounts. Their family plan is one of the best deals, the price includes taxes and fees with unlimited data, talk, text and a Netflix subscription for the whole family. One of the best prepaid family plan is Sprint unlimited kickstart plan. AT&T offers a great plan for travelers. Greatcall offers an overall plan for seniors with no long-term contracts, urgent response and phones designed for seniors.

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