Delete/Uninstall Apps

How To Delete And Uninstall Apps

Uninstall Apps

The easiest way to delete an app on an iPhone or iPad is to press down the app you want to uninstall for about a second. The app icons will jiggle and a X button will show up on the corner of the app, tap the X and then on Delete to delete the app. The other way to delete apps is to go to Settings, General, iPhone Storage. On iPhone Storage select the app you want to delete, and then tap Delete app, to do so.


There are three different ways to delete and uninstall apps on android phones at least for the latest versions.

  • The first way is to delete the app through the app drawer or home screen it’s the fastest and easiest way. Start going to the app drawer where all the apps are located, press and hold the app you want to uninstall and drag it to the uninstall section that will be shown on the screen. When it’s asking you if you want to uninstall the app tap OK.
  • The second method is to delete apps through settings, it works for older versions as well as new. Start with opening Settings, depending on the device go to App or App management, select the app you want to delete and tap Uninstall.
  • The third option is to remove apps through Google Play Store. Start with opening Play Store, go to settings, choose My Apps & Games.Under the installed section you select the app you want to delete and tap on uninstall.
I hope you now could uninstall apps on your phone and you now know how to remove apps in both Android and Iphone cell phone.

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