Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is a fun clicker game for single-players with themes such as apocalypse, dystopia and some dark humour. You essentially click on a big cookie to bake cookies and the more you click the more cookies you get, these cookies can be used to buy things. With 15 cookies you can buy a cursor, 100 cookies for a grandma and more. The more cookies you have the more upgrades and workforce you can buy. What you can buy is buildings, those are various items that automatically creates cookies for you. You can buy upgrades to give more cookies per click and improve clicking rate. The game has no ending but it has a lot of achievements and they can be earned by completing tasks and players can aim to reach the milestone number of cookies. Clicking games, also known as incremental games or idle games is a genre based performing simple actions such as clicking and pointing with a mouse. It started in 2013 with the successful game Cookie clicker. Cookie clicker was created by Julien Thiennot, a French programmer. The game was posted in august 2013, and within hours the game got 50 000 players. Not long after its release the game had over 200 000 players daily. Since its release the game has had continual updates. The game is very important in the genre incremental games and has a big fanbase, the games is often described as very addictive. The game cookie clicker is available to play on a browser but also in apps for iOS and Android.

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