Take Screenshot

How to take a screenshot on pc, windows or cell phone?

It is a very simple task to take a screenshot, but there are also other alternatives to the common way to screenshot with your keyboard.

Also you must consider if you really want your whole screen to be visible

in your screenshot. Maybe you want to show only some part of your screen.

If that is the case, I recommend you using the snippet tool, which is actually

better and you can screen and cut a specific part of your screen.

I will explain more about that soon. If you insist of doing a simple screenshot from pc, you simply hold down the “FN” key and the “prt sc” key on your keyboard. Most times you wont notice it screenshots, but then you can past this screenshot by holding down “ctrl” and “V” and it will past if you have a document open or chat for example.

If you want,in my opinion the best tool how to screenshot, you use the

snippet tool. Search for it in your computer if it is not visible, when you have the tool open, click “new” and you can snip any part of your screen .

Easy right?

I hiope you now have enough options how to take screenshot on your pc.

If you take screenshot on your cell phone, for iphones latest models, hold down the side button on the right and and click the volume button on the left.

Are you ready to test your new skills to take screenshot?

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