WIFI – Speedy And Safe

How to improve router speed and wifi signal?

How to not get your wifi router hacked?

Can your router wifi have vpn? I will give some very few but firm tips!

The most popular and best routers are netgear router, linksys router, but are they best? You must research this and check for performance tests for your wireless router to stay secure with improved speed.
Your router must collect wifi signals really good even if you are not too close to it.

AT&T and verizon are internet providers. You must really research what company deliver the speed they promise, because no matter how good your router and wifi is, if your internet provider sucks, there is no way out of it than switching internet provider.

3d important is your electronic device. Is your phone, computer or tablet good enough, it may be slow due to so many issues.

Last but most important, can your router and wifi be protected by a security shield? YES Is it enough with vpn? NO, using ponly vpn just protect your privacy, by surfing anonymously.

Here is how you protect your router:

Keep unbreakable password and donĀ“t share it.

Keep firmware up to date.

Use guest wifi for guests if possible.

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