Miles per Gallon, Mapquest Mileage Calculator; A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

A penny saved is a penny earned, the adage goes, underlining the importance of making the best use of your available resources. Perhaps nothing else can define efficiency better. With, the non-renewable fuel resources of the world depleting by the day at a faster rate than before, the time is ripe to understand and be able to calculate fuel efficiency of a vehicle. But what do we need to know to calculate the same? Gas mileage.

What exactly is Gas Mileage?

Gas Mileage is the relationship between the distance travelled per unit of fuel by volume burned. Mileage helps in understanding the patterns of gas consumption by your vehicle. A plethora of aspects contribute to either increase or decrease the fuel efficiency of one’s vehicle. The year of production, engine capacity, size and durability in years. One’s style of driving is equally important in being able to govern the fuel efficiency. A smooth driving experience would always help yield a higher fuel efficiency and better mileage than a rash driving one.

The following formula helps find out the fuel efficiency mathematically.

MPG = distance x average gas consumption / 100 km

Miles per Gallon abbreviated to MPG gives the amount of distance that can be travelled on an average per gallon of fuel burned.

Relevancy of the Miles per Gallon Calculation?

The Miles per Gallon calculator is highly relevant to today’s needs as it helps understand how much of fuel does a vehicle need exactly in order to travel a certain amount of distance.

How to use the fuel efficiency calculator?

The fuel efficiency calculator is a much easier approach to calculate the fuel efficiency or Miles per Gallon. Three basic variables are necessary to calculate the same.

  1. Distance
  2. Fuel Economy of the Vehicle
  3. Price (necessary in advanced calculations)

After entering the governing numbers, the full mileage calculator can exactly find out how much of fuel do you need for the planned journey you are about to undertake.

What is Mapquest Mileage Calculator?

The Mapquest Mileage Calculator is just another way of understanding fuel efficiency which lets you enter the source and destination of your journey over a map based platform and the algorithm finds out the most efficient or shortest route for the journey, the route that will save you the penny you want to earn pertaining to daily fuel consumption.

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