Wild Marketing

Don´t you want to know how to make money from ads online?

Without hiring a marketing agency/ ad agency!

I have some super brilliant tip for you, read on and I will reveal it.

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms by using the internet to promote products or services. A digital marketing tool to connect with people, grow your business and increase sales and traffic. Social media is getting bigger and bigger every day and they keep evolving, it enables customers to interact with businesses, write reviews and comment. Businesses use social media in a variety of ways such as analyzing, engagement and sales, monitoring responses and conversations and reaching out for advertising.

Advertising is a highly effective way that allows you to reach a wider audience than the people that follows you. Google ads and Bing ads comes to mind. They are big advertising platforms, and they work great together. These two platforms work the same as they both are pay-per-click advertising. They are designed to reach audiences, drive traffic, and increase profit.

Using Facebook as a marketing tool, you first need to create a page for your brand. The layout and visual component is important and keep it light since it is a social media place for friends and family to communicate. Instagram and Pinterest are very image centered platform so visual is very important here. YouTube can be a very powerful marketing tool since its all about creating and posting video content. The “how-to” videos are most helpful and beneficial to have. The most important steps in social media marketing is strategy, planning and publishing, advertising, analytics, listen and engage. So what´s the marketing tip you ask?

It´s more about how you should approach the daily work. And its hard work and trial error ads strategy! Try business ideas and approaches that you think won´t work too. If you always try things what other tell you to do and what you think should be done, you are inside the box.

Go wild marketing strategy! Even if you go the wild marketing strategy route, you still need to figure out why things work and why they don´t! And don´t trust short term and small quantity testing!

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