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  • My question is about a child support.

  • Main Question given an IVC. I had a concussion, expressive aphasia. EMS had refused to bring me in. I begged when I awoke a few secs found I was being basically dragging me to the ambulance BP life threatening. Routine drive to the hosp. I asked for help to set my alarm an why. Refused but given to the Ear staff as if I’m crazy. Does not mention my gait.
    Awake in the hosp hallway short time. I had fallen concussion side effects classic. In medical records. Expressive aphasia, an I remember little. I do remember the word CT. Awoke given an IVC, an forgotten.
    Did the MD have to go to the judge to give me??? I met non of the qualifications said behavioral health. Neuro following day states . Orthostatic hypotension when getting up for EMS, but the hosp has deleted the Neuro Dx. Today hospital not billing me. Refuse PHI to give me though. My entire medical chart do to mental health problems I can not have, including the past, an today,
    Two days out my primary stated head injury so never should I have been given an IVC
    I met non of the qualifications. Did the ER MD have to go to a Judge to give me an IVC so I could be evaluated.
    I do have all my charts an the hosp has refused to give now. Mental health problems as I can’t understand them. Now MD to MD. I am band my records. As an RN I have my records, as pulled them immediately. Today the hosp has left my IVC but deleted as to the next day the Neuro states. I had orthostatic hypotension. .
    Also I have epilepsy the EMS carried less. Finally she said Ok. Asked her help to set my alarm. Refused. I begged an why. This she gave in her report like I had mental health problems. I wasn’t responding to her she said. . Being dragged to the street BP taken I could have died. No rush to get to the ER. Like it was all psychotic. I did report her an immediate classes given to all EMS people as given she did not follow protocol.
    I would like to know did the MD in the ER have to go to the Judge to give me an IVC??
    I want my name cleared.

  • I’m trying to collect payment from sexual harassment charges settlement

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