Sell Your Stocks Now

Better safe than sorry!

The S&P 500 has made a steep up move to about 4700!

It´s a wopping 300% in 10 years. Where these expectations come from?

It´s not that the companies do 300% better, its purely a money game,

Everything indicates we are in a financial bubble, pure technically on

these charts and fundamentally with inflation rallying, the biggest china real estate company defaulted. You only need one fall and everything will be like a card house. So where to put your money if not in stocks?

Recommendation is to simply take your money to the sidelines for a while

but if you are even braver, you will sell the market, meaning you will make money when the market falls!

When almost everyone thinks the market will go all time high, it won´t!

It´s big money that rule the game and they won´t tell you when they start selling for real! So take this is a caution please!

Stay safe trading and secure your invested money while there is time or you may

be stuck with your positions, it´s psychological, it´s down 5%, ahh it will reverse, 10%….but we may do a 50% correction and all your earnings will be wiped in no time. Usually stock market indexes fall very fast when we finally have a stock market crash and don´t be fooled by “B wave” it´s a temporary up move that occurs after some downhill racing of indexes.

Stock market crash is coming…

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