Lights For free?

Different lights

Pendant light is a lamp that hangs from the ceiling in some kind of chain or cable with a light bulb. It is a great way to light up a small space than a bigger space. These kinds of lamps can really make a room complete by choosing a discrete design that matches the room or one that stands out and in focus.

Bathroom light: Incandescent and halogen light with CSI over 90 is preferred for best light result around the mirror/sink. Having different layers of light is beneficial for a bathroom. A light for the ceiling to light up the whole room. For high ceilings pendant light or chandelier is a beautiful option. Then there’s smaller light fixtures besides or above a mirror, and that is great for grooming or applying makeup. You can add more light to highlight beautiful decoration or something else in the bathroom.

Ring light; is small light bulbs forming a circle. These are quite simple and great for portrait, video and macro photography. It gives an even and bright light. Many makeup artists on youtube uses a ring light to make the face brighter and the color more true.

String lights also known as fairy lights. These were often used during festive and holiday seasons but lately they are more of a decoration for your home, to make it cozy and cute. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. By placing these outside you can create a nice space with ambient light. There are many different ways to place and decorate string lights.

Plant/Grow light: Plants can be grown indoors such as herbs, seedlings, some fruit and vegetables and house plants. LED or fluorescent grow lights that have full spectrum light, is a lamp that delivers cold and warm light, similar to the colors of the solar system. By having these different tones it helps the plants to grow better.

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