Ceiling Fans

Different ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are great to have in your home. If you use an air conditioner ceiling fans can actually help spread that air throughout the house and the air conditioner works more efficiently that way. Even if you have cold weather, by reversing the direction the blades spin it can push down the warm air and spread it around the room to keep the warmth. Ceiling fans use a lot less energy than an air conditioner and is the most energy efficient way to control temperature all year round.

Outdoor fan are similar to ceiling fans but specifically designed to withstand different environment and its waterproof. They are perfect for your porch, greenhouse, patio or garage. They will make you have a nice and relaxing experience with a cool breeze while also keeping flying insects away or smoke from a fireplace.

Important things to consider when buying a ceiling fan is the size, style, type and UL listings. UL listing is a measurement of how much they can endure in three categories: dry, damp and wet. Dry is only for ceiling fans that belong indoors. Damp means they can handle moisture but must be covered from direct rain or snow. Wet is the absolute best ceiling fan to have outside especially if you have snow, ice, rain and sun.

Fandelier is a chandelier with a fan in it so this is a great option if you want that luxurious feel of a chandelier but also want a cool breeze during the warmer months. Like a regular ceiling fan these can be used in many different rooms such as the bedroom, kitchen, living room and laundry room. Fandeliers are usually more compact so they fit nicely in smaller rooms.

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